Week 10 Little Miracles

I had a fantastic day yesterday.  I may have mentioned that I have gone 100% solo with my commission only business. So I have made a commitment to call 3 new people everyday besides follow-up calls from previous days. Back some years ago, I used to tell my partner and others close to me that the notion is motion. I really meant to say that I am releasing energy on the universe.  Anyways back to the miracle. My DMP is that I attract raving fans by my stellar customer service. When I came back from lunch I had a mortgage broker who I have written some business, asked to quote him personally. I felt the process miracles beginning for me.  I have increased business each month with mkmma planned growth. The shapes are there for me. I also re-recorded my dmp this week.

We’ll doing = well being



9 thoughts on “Week 10 Little Miracles”

  1. I have been somewhat absent because of some medical issues and of course the flooding in MO just after Christmas. I am working myself back on pace. My little miracle is that no one was hurt and we got most issues solved within a little more than a week.


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