Week 1 MKMMA Punky’s Journey Begins

As I sat this week, I was feeling stuck on my DMP. I have been suffering with my back and sciatica, so focusing, sitting and sleeping have been a challenge. Sitting still for the 15 to 30 mins have had little success. However, I have had my 4th Decompression session and now starting to feel more relief on my nerve pain. Sleep has been a real treat with and without good drugs. Each day since last Monday, my affirmation has been, “Today I begin a new life.”

My longest sit was about 12 mins and I experienced fear and sadness. I spoke with a coach friend after my experience and she worked with me to stay in the sadness and to stay with the feelings. My chest was getting increasingly tighter and my back and sciatica were throbbing like the sound from a bass drum being struck at a feverish pace. About 20 mins into the coaching session my sensations began to lighten.  We kept working and the sadness and fear passed on.  I actually felt a rush of Gratitude, Compassion and Hope for my health situation. I mentioned to my friend that it feels to me that Gratitude, Compassion and Hope Live Together in a Peapod. They seem to work harmoniously together and or One of them lead to the others.

My peapod of feelings, sent on my way to the first draft of my DMP.


6 thoughts on “Week 1 MKMMA Punky’s Journey Begins”

  1. Amazing story! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m suffering a sciatica type of pain in my shoulder right now (frozen shoulder), so I completely understand what you’re experiencing. Your availability to move through it is nothing short of INSPIRATIONAL.

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  2. Amazing.. Your body wants what is best for you, but often it needs help..
    You are starting a journey towards your true Dharma, and yeah you then go through somethings, and wow you have a great start on this journey 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to be following your journey.


    1. Thanks Charlotte and my body is talking. It takes all the cylinders to run or move forward. Sometimes when you have not started the car for a long time, the car will move forward but not necessarily smoothly. I have started my journey (car) and it needs to run a bit to clean out the stuff in the engine. My body seems to be reacting that way. I guess the most important point is that I have not given up or sent myself to the scrap yard 🙂


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