Week 3 MKE From Darkness to Light: Frustration to Gratitude

It has been a week of frustration and gratitude. I was not able to read for a couple of days. I found that I have young person’s cataracts in both my eyes and have been struggling for the past few months. It is funny that I have not been able to read many words but I am seeing Blue Rectangles, Red Circles and Yellow boxes all over the place. I had my eyes checked on Monday and did not realize that I was going to have both eyes dilated and numbed. The eye technician had a heck of a time with getting one of the tests completed and took 7 times to get a result. So, not only did they put all the stuff in my eyes but it took a few days for my vison to return and the sensitivity to light to dissipate. So, I have been basically in the dark and not working or reading much so far this week.

My gratitude for the week is that I am young and the cataract surgery will go easily. I am blessed to have insurance coverage for the expenses and I will be able to see the best I have ever seen in my life.

My sit time has been excellent and my images of the person I want to become has been more vivid. So my mantra for the week has been and continues to be “I am happy, healthy, wealthy, whole and complete.” I see me in the darkness, which has turned to light!


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