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Week 2 Master Key Punky Journey continues through Unnecessary Knowledge

“I will commence my Journey unencumbered with either the weight of unnecessary knowledge or the handicap of meaningless experience.” Reading this today struck me like a lightening bolt. I am a seeker of knowledge and experience. I did the Master Keys 2015-2016 and I have been studying manifestation techniques since I was 10 years old. I often thought that I have a good handle on this topic.  But I also wondered why there were down times or just plain bad luck going down. So my education, knowledge and experience can only carry me so far. The real and most important, to me, Master Key is creating and becoming a slave to good habits. However, I have forgotten, refused or missed the opportunity to create good habits, much less become a slave to them. “Good habits are the key to all success.” This is my 2nd take away for the week.

I finished my chore of hanging a painting that has been crying for the wall. I celebrated by jumping up and down and a hoot and a holler. It looks great and took only 15 mins to get it done. I looks great and feels even better. Just “do it now” and celebrate!!!


MasterKey Punky Bio

Punky Fedora lives in Springfield, MO since 2002. I am married to my best friend and wife. We have 2 doxies, one that is our “new” to us puppy. Both of our 4 leg children are unique by their type and colors. Our Sophie, is a Blonde smooth Dachshund and Maggie Moon Pie is a Brown and White Pie Bald Brindle.

I am self employed and have a Real Estate Company, RES Real Estate Services, since 2004. I have been in Real Estate for 20+ years. I also help families and businesses find affordable lines of insurance. I have been in a dual business since 2013. I love helping clients to find and facilitate there new homes and changes in their lives. I also add value, to the process by knowing and guiding folks through Personal Lines & Home Insurance Issues and providing pricing information when looking to purchase a new home.

I love to travel and spend time with friends and family. I am originally from Minneapolis, MN. I am also and avid learner. I have awoken the giant of learning, centering and focusing on my new life by working with the Master Keys. I am a 2nd timer in this program and this time to take the process even deeper.

I had been struggling with my health and we sought the expertise of a functional medicine doctor. Both my partner and I have overcome pre-diabetes and she also a thyroid problem. We are very grateful for this new way of life and eating with love and care. So the best thing for me is to dig deeper for good habits to be a slave to and chipping away at the Cemented Buddha.