Master Key Week 6 Deeper Committment

This week has been more calm and trusting that I have all that I need within myself. I believe that working this program is changing my mind. For many years I wanted to get these lessons of manifestation. I just did not know how to get there. I am seeing that I am so grateful this was gifted to me because I am able to setup the wiring. Books and other writings of this sort never explained the pathway or the tools to get me on the connected journey of manifestation. I am relived that I did not get left at the bus station wondering how I managed not to have the ticket to get on the ride.

My big revelation was the “Gal in the Glass”. Wow, I forgot how much I do not look at myself lovingly. I usually have some harsh judgment of myself. I have been really working with this piece and building my confidence to be with the women I love, honor and respect who lives in the mirror. Through thick and thin, she has always ben there but sometimes I have not been there for her. I am there now and we are working on harmony.

Acceleration to exhilaration!



6 thoughts on “Master Key Week 6 Deeper Committment”

  1. That’s one thing iv’e been working on is trusting the process. I have always been a take charge kind of person, so trusting something out of my control was a challenge. But I’m happy to say that now it’s getting easier, and easier.


    1. I am glad it is getting easier. I have days that I feel that way and other days I keep using the law of substitution to keep negative thoughts at bay. How are you doing with your 7 day mental diet. Today is good since 6:30am. I’m on a roll


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