Speed Reading Class

Thank you Andrei, Mark and Davene. The speed reading class was awesome. I could not believe I sped up 3x faster in an hour. I was afraid to try to read faster in my MBA program. Now, I think I would have retained more of the material by not reading all of the insignificant words and stuck with just the main concepts.  I  really liked the way to write an executive summary of each book and keep it in the book.

Thank you again,


Week 7 Day Mental Diet

This has been a long but short week. I thought I started off well with the Mental Diet. Not! I did not realize until Monday that I was have judgments and resentments running in the background.

I really did feel better and lighter in my soul in my denial. Then I realized I was speaking ill and had an agenda about a person whom we had a past. But in the speaking of this person I had flowery word justifications.

I am embarrassed by my behavior, thoughts and working Im with the girl in the glass to clean it up.  I just keep hearing and seeing the 5th Point,in my mind, that “will engage in ño transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.” After plenty of Catholic Guilt and the Gal in the Glass, I am back on track with the program.

It did take a day to recover and my old peptides/subby wanted me to quit, but I am still here plucking away on my tablet with one finger.

I believe in me,


Week 5 – Judge and Jury

I have had much laughter and keeping it light with myself this week. I have felt overwhelmed with the work, readings and observations of my judgments.  I have been blown away by how judgments flow from my mind and mouth. I verbally excuse myself when I am around my friends that understand why I might be excusing myself and know me well. It does give some material for rich discussion. However when I started the week, my partner and I were not sure we would have anything to talk about. We were all too aware that how much judgment slips out. As the week has gone on, I have managed to keep some of the judgments to myself and locked in my mind. I am embarrassed that most of my opinions seem to be an Ego of superiority. I own affordable housing and have flipped 2 units over the last two weeks. I have had a bunch of material to hold my tongue.

We have been living the week with trying very hard to take care in our conversations and keep each other in check. With the current flipping situations, we have plenty of time to check each other, laugh and cry. This was a week to connect with one another and have heartfelt conversations.

I have noticed that some old habits have crept up and tried to let failure slip in. One of my commitment is to treadmill 5 out of 7 days per week to work in my plan of action for True Health. I did not want to get on the treadmill but I always keep my promise……. So to trick subby, I stood on the a dead treadmill and walked in place. I kept it simple and kept my promise…. YES!!

By the way, Go KC Royals 🙂

Punky Fedora