Week 4 Feelings

This week I was gently reminded about patience. As I slowed down and tried to let the river flow a gigantic rush of emotion hit me. I was reading my cards and DMP aloud and i was overcome emotionally. I kept sobbing as I continued reading. It was the first time that I really emotionally connected to the process.  I can read the cards with different tone and inflection but somehow I hit the right cord. Well, on Tuesday, I not only hit the right cord but I wrote a new song.

This new song has opened me up to lighter and brighter sense of myself. I believe self confidence has moved in. I set a health goal of the treadmill 5 out of 7 days and tomorrow is the 5th day. I am so proud to hit this goal, or service to myself.

Thank you MOMMA

Punky Fedora


Week 3 Fear needs to be destroyed

Point 13 and 14, per the reading in the lesson, the Solar Plexus contracts with resistant thoughts and expands with happy thoughts. And goes on to say Fear must be destroyed because it dims the sunshine in our life. I’m not sure what rock I climbed out from under; I never put together that the Solar Plexus is the place that makes us shine. Hello Solar!

Fear and bad habits have been haunting me in the night. I have been awakened at 3am CST every day this week. I have seen horror and joy in my dreams. I’m not sure but I guess I may be having an internal war. Truth be told, I have mostly followed the reading patterns and worked on and with the homework. Is there an extra week for those that feel behind? I heard the message from Mark that the lessons will be compounding and I want to be ready for week 4. Is anyone else experiencing similar joy and fear or internal strife?

I am a courageous women warrior but time for Peace and a new ways for courage to emerge.

I always keep my promises Punky Fedora

Week 2 self employed again

I am once again self employed . I have been wrapperd up in corporate america for several years after 15 years of successful self employment. After the first and 2nd week , I can feel the compounding effect of this systematic approach to accountability. I have replaced fear with excitement to get moving forward in my new life and new position.

I have been seeing blue rectangles everywhere. I went to a business opportunity and I’ll be darned if the photos were not filled with people holding blue rectangle signs. I chuckled inside and gave myself the chance to observe myself to act as if the rectangles were a sign. I allowed to let the information in but to share it with my partner and create a plan rather than just jumping in to another business opportunity.  So when I went to bed I could feel the feelings of abundance and wealth in my body. I was buzzing so much that  I actually felt a bit scared. My mind wanted to go back to my old habit of turning on the TV to numb out. I held steadfast and just sat with the positive feelings and thanked the scared feelings for letting me feel the difference between abundance buzzing and scared, Subby was trying to work overtime.

This overnight revelation brought me back to my DMP and how I was weaving True Health and Liberty into my DMP. My first draft was true to my PPN choices but I thought I didn’t have a clue about my purpose. I was thrilled for the extra guidance and equally grateful for the boost of confidence.

MK week 1 whirlly peace

The week has been both a whirlwind and peaceful. For the whirlwind part. I have been getting up early to read and work on the DMP and wondering when I will be able to work for the day. Awe the key has been getting up early to read then a trip on the treadmill and hit the shower. Dressed for success and I read my DMP aloud with coffee. I have been afraid I have missed something and will lose my way with the scholarship.

Now for the peace I have felt. At bedtime, I have all of my life used the TV to help me get to sleep and even turn it back on if I awaken during the night and just reset the sleep timer. I was fearful that I would not be able to handle the “no electronics” at bedtime after reading my scroll aloud. Well, my first two nights were pretty restless but I have managed to settle in and I’m sleeping all night. I awaken feeling rested. I have been able to use Ascension to help go back to sleep when I am restless.

As the week has continued, my mind has been trying to keep me from success. I have had a battle with myself to stay on track. I reminded myself about the promise to myself. Last evening, I was so tired and I wanted to skip reading and watch television in bed. My wife reminded me that I had made a promise to myself. Not necessarily was this as nice or as smooth as I am making it sound but I whinned and bitched and whinned somemore. I sucked up the tired and read aloud andI think I was having a TV withdrawal.

I am grateful for the strength and support of my partner and the promise that Mark asked us to make and keep.

All is well,


Thank you for the MMKA Scholarship

I’m excited and scared about the scholarship. I’m not that tech savvy with blogging and tweeting.  I had said to a peer not 1 week ago that I wanted to take a social media class and here I am plus a chance to move forward in my life. I have studied the law of attraction and worked hard to make it work. I was missing the KEY! ! I think I found the key and a chance for mastery.  Wow another journey.