Press Release MKMMA Week 5

Sitting in the sunshine feeling how warmly it drenches my body. I was given a glass of iced tea and the first sip of the tea was such a contrast to the warmth. I can hear the ocean in the background and feel a gentle breeze on my skin. I flew in on Delta Airlines for this interview with Dr.Herb Byerly. I feel so blessed to have the savings and the time freedom to spend in Puerto Vallarta with my family and the friends that came along for the adventure and support.

Herb says, “Punky, we met many years ago when you were 9 years old. How have you been? I see that you seem to have done well for yourself. We had much time over the years and teachings of mind over matter.  Punky, do you remember the first lessons when you were at the young age of 9?” Why yes, Herb, I remember so well. I listened so attentively when you gave the talk series on Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I was and am still enthused by the little seagull that wanted his life to be different.  I remember today as I did then; the freedom of flying. This little seagull struck such a chord inside of my soul.  Dr Byerly interjects, “I remember the gleam in your eyes then as I see in your eyes today. How is Jonathan living in your life today?”

Oh Herb, I live Jonathan Livingston Seagull everyday who is deeply in my soul and I now recognize that deep feeling as Liberty.  I live and resonate with the desire for Independence.  I do not punch a clock for a living. I joyfully work with people who have a dream of securing a home for themselves and their families. Not only do I work to help find homes but I also go further and advise them on complimentary financial and insurance services to protect their dream and future.  Just as the little seagull loved flying independently, so do I love to owning my independent Real Estate and Insurance Service Company.

Jonathan loved the aerodynamics of sailing through the sky, I too love to sail through life providing the best service and always keeping my promise to keep clients interests first and foremost.  The sales process feels as exciting as a diving bird speeding 300 miles an hour toward the ocean . I have been blessed with the ability to have special connections with most people I meet; but also the observation skills to deepen the connection and listen to the needs and wants of the family.  I realized long ago that the more I give of myself the more I receive from the universe.  I have such gratitude for the trust and confidence to have deep connections with people. I look to the sky to praise and give thanks for all of the business blessings and financial freedom to help others live their dreams.

Herb replies, “you sound like you have taken to heart the teachings you where taught back long ago. How else has Jonathan inspired you?” Herb, as we are sitting here by the ocean, I am smiling at the squawking sounds and watching the mastered freedom the gulls have through their wings.

As I recall in the book, most of the seagulls and the elder seagulls frowned upon Jonathan for living and practicing to master his flying dreams. The other everyday seagulls just live to survive another meal. A seagull’s mediocre life of finding another fishing boat is to follow behind. The find is another fish to hit his or her bill, slide down its throat, and satisfy the belly. Just has Jonathan did not worry about his next meal, neither do I.

In my search of True Health, I now do not worry about just another meal, but I care about the quality of the food I consume.   I receive such vitality and stamina from organic food and I am lighter in my body and spirit.  Just as Jonathan mastered curves and barrel rolls, I have mastered eating well and weigh 100 pounds lighter. I live in love and gratitude to have the diving command and strength to keep my body in perfect health.

Dr. Byerly, as you know and taught, Jonathan Livingston Seagull perfected multiple flying techniques by never giving up and practicing every day. I also practice the habit of working out to keep my body strong.  MKMMA has reinforced my pathway to remember that I can be what I will to be, just as our special flying friend released his limitations. We both live in the flow of the divine because we were willing to take the hero’s path, by changing our minds.

Jonathan is in my soul – I too changed my mind and I live in the flow. I Live in True Health and Liberty by giving and receiving vibrant energy and creating heart connections with most people I meet. We all find and live our dreams.

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